Pre-purchase inspections
Pre-sale inspections
New home progress report inspections
1-Year builder warranty Inspections
Discounted follow-up inspections
Multiple family units
Water Quality Testing
Lead Paint Testing
Radon Testing
And More!

An impartial, professional approach for all parties

Inspection includes

        General structure

        General exterior


        Roof – We will physically get on the roof, where possible, to examine

o       Shingles

o       Chimney

o       Flashings

o       Vent stacks

o       And more!


        Property grading

        Attic & crawlspace

        Insulation throughout the house

        General interior


        Electrical system

        Fireplace & chimney

        Plumbing system

        Kitchen & major appliances

        Windows & doors


        And more!


If there are problems and repairs that are necessary, a re-inspection of the repaired area can be performed for a minimal fee.  This will reassure you the work was done correctly.  Did you know that approximately 30% of all structural repairs are done improperly?












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