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Frequently asked questions:
Why should I have a NEW home inspected when it is already being inspected by the city/county?  
Some of the biggest structural problems we have ever encountered have been with new homes.  Although city/county inspectors are intelligent and capable inspectors, they tend to be overworked.  They spend minutes on a house while we spend hours.  We also tend to access places where they often do not, including the roof and crawlspace.  In general, our inspections are typically more detailed and more thorough than ones provided by the city/county.

What sets your company apart from your competitors?

With approximately 6000 inspections performed over the last 14 years, we are one of the most experienced in the Columbia area.  This allows us to become very knowledgeable about most of the new homebuilders in our area and where they typically make their mistakes.  This is invaluable when inspecting new homes and allows us to find structural problems that other inspectors may not. In addition, our experience has taught us that certain types of structural problems tend to be concentrated in particular neighborhoods, in particular areas of town, by particular builders, and in particular time periods in which the homes were built.  This knowledge allows us to focus our time and resources in areas of the house where problems are most likely to occur.

Having a Type A, OCD personality may not be the most desirable personality characteristic, but is great when describing your home inspector.  We physically get on every roof (where possible), access every nook, closet, and attic space of your house, as well as every part of the crawlspace.  Nearly all inspectors in Columbia look at your shingles from the ground, with binoculars.  We feel that we are much more able to determine the condition of shingles, flashing, chimneys, vent stacks, etc. by getting on the roof rather than looking at them from the ground.  We also access more parts of the crawlspace than our competitors.  Home inspectors are not obligated to access any part of the crawlspace where clearance is less than 18”.  Our personal guidelines are that as long as our body will fit through an opening without causing any damage to plumbing, ductwork, etc., then we will access the area.

When should we have our home inspected?
When buying an existing house, you typically are given 10 working days per contract to have a home inspected with results back to the Seller.  You should call us immediately after the contract to purchase is signed by all parties.  Our schedule is commonly booked a week or more in advance, especially during the spring and summer months.    
When buying a new house, the inspection is typically performed approximately 5 working days prior to closing.  This ensures that plumbing and electricity will be functional at the time of inspection.
How will I know that deficient items specified in your report get fixed (and properly) if we negotiate that the Seller be responsible for the repairs.
We suggest that all repairs be performed by licensed professionals in their respective trades.  Electrical repairs should be performed by licensed electricians.  Plumbing repairs should be performed by licensed plumbers.  Roofing repairs by licensed roofers.  And so on.  If, however, you are not confident that the repairs were done properly then we will be glad to Re-inspect the property for a minimal fee.
What geographical areas will you service?
Areas included, but not limited to, Columbia, Lexington, Blythewood, Elgin, Pontiac, Gilbert, Forest Acres, West Columbia, Cayce, Irmo, Chapin, St. Andrews, Ballentine, Harbison, South Congaree, and anywhere in between.

How long does it take to get the Inspection Report?
All of our reports are available, via email, in the evening in which the inspection was performed.  
What parts of the home and property are NOT inspected on a typical Boysia Home Inspection?
We inspect nearly all parts of the home.  We do, however, exclude items that are on a typical CL-100 letter as well as an HVAC letter.  We also do not operate or test security, central stereo, or intercom systems or operate any part of the house that has been “shut down” such as gas logs (where a pilot is not lit).  We also do not inspect items that are not contained within the house such as sprinkler systems, septic tanks, yard light systems, wells, underground storage tanks, swimming pools, etc.  A full list of items that we will, and will not, inspect can be provided upon request.

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